Salman Khan Says, “Raj Kundra Bhi Samajh Gaya” Leaving Shamita Shetty In A State Of Shock, Watch Her Reaction

Weekend Ka Vaar’s first weekend of Bigg Boss 15 was undoubtedly high in entertainment. From some of the most drool-worthy performances to Salman Khan bashing the contestants for their mistakes, this episode featured the whole ‘masala’ known as ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. Above all, we have also heard of Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra, out of context.

And what he says has left everyone shocked, especially Shamita Shetty, Raj Kundra’s sister-in-law. The host of the event was reading to Nishant Bhat about supporting and not preventing Pratik Sehajpal from making wrong decisions. He asked Nishant if he understood what he was trying to say when the contestant said yes.

Following this, Salman took his names with a few others who lived in the house including that of Karan Kundrra. However, shortly after mentioning Karan, she mentioned the name of Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra. He said, “Karan Kundrra samajh gaya aur Raj Kundra bhi samajh gaya.”

Shamita Shetty was shocked to hear the name of her brother-in-law Raj Kundra. However, the way he spoke quickly changed from shock to surprise. Shamita noticed that the householder was joking, so she smiled shyly.

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