Rekha’s Response About Marrying A Woman Once Left Simi Garewal Stunned At Her Show, Read Here

when it comes to eternal beauty and talent nobody can beat Rekha. The actress was once ruling the Bollywood industry with her back-to-back films. she has always been in news because of her performances and also her personal life. The legendary star’s relationship has always hit the headlines, whether it was her love for Amitabh Bachchan or her first husband’s suicide.

However, nothing could touch the actress’s determination to overcome any phase. Today, the diva might not be doing many projects but she is always missed on the screen by her fans. Apart from her acting skills, Rekha has also got a witty and sarcastic sense of humor that leaves many speechless.

The actress once appeared on the most talked about and famous celebrity chat show, ‘Simi Garewal’s show’ where she talked her heart out. On the show, Rekha didn’t shy away from sharing her feelings for Amitabh Bachchan and his dedication to his work.


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When she was asked about her views on marriage, Rekha’s response left Simi Garewal pleasantly surprised. Simi asked her guest Rekha if she would ever consider remarrying. To this, Rekha immediately responded by asking in return if she meant getting married to a man. To Rekha’s response, Simi said that she obviously meant getting married to a man. And, Rekha again gave a savage reply and said, ” Why not? In my mind, I am married to myself, my profession, and my loved ones. I am not a cynical person.”

When Simi said that hopefully next time Rekha would come back on her show with her husband? Rekha rolled her eyes and said that word is alien, alien as a father.

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