Raveena Tandon ‘Rescues’ Blind Puppy from Sewer in Manali, Urges Fans to Adopt Pets; Watch Video

Actress Raveena Tandon, a devoted animal lover, recently shared a heartwarming video on Instagram showcasing her compassionate act of rescuing a blind puppy from a desolate street corner. In the touching video, Raveena is seen forming an instant bond with the blind puppy named Puchki, whom she brings into her home. The emotional connection between the actress and the rescued furry friend is evident in the heartening footage.

Raveena Tandon Rescues Dog

Captioning the video, Raveena used the platform to encourage her fans and followers to adopt pets instead of buying them. She expressed her dedication to promoting adoption as a means of giving animals a second chance at a happy life.

Raveena shared the journey of the rescued puppy, Puchki, in the caption, stating, “#some stories of rescues and survival, are so gratifying, puchkisstory #puchki to #Zoe. Good luck Zoe, my miracle baby. When I found her in a sewer in Manali, half dead, malnourished, blind, dehydrated, and with diarrhoea, fleas, and skin infection, we didn’t know if this little fighter would survive. But she proved all of us wrong, her transformation was miraculous.”

Raveena Tandon Heartwarming Video

The actress expressed her joy in revealing that the once-ailing puppy, now named Zoe, has found a loving home in Delhi. Raveena extended her gratitude to the new pet parent, writing, “And now with a loving family in Delhi, she is quite the gundi! Happily ensconced in her Delhi home! Thank you @currypuccasharma for giving Puchki a loving home #adoptdontshop.”

Raveena Tandon’s act of rescuing and providing a loving home to the blind puppy not only showcases her commitment to animal welfare but also serves as an inspiring call for others to consider adopting pets and offering them a chance at a better life. On the professional front, Raveena is gearing up for her upcoming film “Ghudchadi,” a romantic comedy in which she stars alongside Sanjay Dutt.

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