Kangana Ranaut Feels Bollywood Has Become A Toxic Place Where Nobody Is Happy For Another Person

A star and diva who needs no introduction, Kangana Ranaut is the most fearless woman in the entertainment industry. she is known to speak her mind and never shies away to express her anger and disappointment with Bollywood and its fraternity. The Manikarnika actor is currently busy promoting her upcoming feature film ‘Thalaivii’ which is a biopic of Late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and former actress Jayalalithaa.

The actress recently opened about her experience with regional cinema and how is it different from Bollywood. With Thalaivii Kangana’s has entered the south Indian cinema and it’s her first regional movie. “What is very striking about regional cinema is that at least they find some common ground. They’re chameleons, and that’s something that they resonate with… Whereas in Hindi films, because we’ve all migrated to Mumbai, there is so much diversity there, yet there is a bit of tension always… Everybody wants to pull everybody down, that’s not helping at all.”

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana further called Bollywood a very toxic place where there is no place for love and compassion. “It’s become such a toxic place that somehow, nobody is happy for another person, and we are not able to find a common ground we are able to identify with,” she said.

Kangana continued further and added, “A place where there is no love, no empathy, no sense of camaraderie, no sense of compassion, you can only imagine how toxic that place is going to be. Whereas regional cinema is going higher and higher, and we are also seeking some kind of place (in an industry) where people are so wonderful to each other. I hope it remains like that and too many people coming in here don’t ruin it,” she added.

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