Actress-singer Himanshi Khurana resurfaced on social media on Tuesday night. She has marked her return after the recent announcement of her breakup with Asim Riaz. The two were co-contestants in Bigg Boss 13 and dated each other post the show. The high-profile couple, who had been dating for four years, decided to part ways due to differences in religious beliefs. Following the breakup, Himanshi informed her fans about her decision to undertake a spiritual journey. She began her spiritual journey with a pilgrimage to the Jagannath Puri temple.

On Tuesday, Himanshi shared a series of photos on her Instagram handle, capturing moments from her visit to the sacred Jagannath Puri temple in Odisha. Accompanied by her mother, she revealed her plan to embark on a “char dham yatra” through the caption accompanying her post.

Alongside images from the temple town, she later shared a photo featuring a snow-covered path, presumably taken during her journey towards the shrines included in the Char Dham yatra.

As reported on December 6, Asim and Himanshi made the surprising announcement of their breakup, leaving fans disheartened. In a joint statement, Himanshi expressed gratitude for the time spent together and cited different religious beliefs as the reason for their separation. The statement emphasized that, despite the end of their togetherness, there was no animosity between them.

Subsequently, a leaked private chat between the former couple circulated online, revealing Asim’s inquiry about the true reason behind their breakup. In the chat, Himanshi reiterated the religious disparities mentioned in their official statement.

Post-breakup, Asim shared a photo donning a skull cap, accompanied by a message encouraging reflection on blessings during Jumma prayers.

Himanshi’s recent social media posts provide a glimpse into her ongoing spiritual journey, signalling her commitment to self-discovery and growth following the significant life change.