Rakhi Sawant’s Mom Reveals Her Husband Ritesh Is Paying All Her Medical Bills, “He’s A Good Human Being”

Rakhi Sawant who entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as a challenger is leaving no chance to entertain the audience with her antics. Ever since she has entered the controversial house, she has been seen talking about her husband Ritesh. Many times she was seen talking to cameras and asking her husband to reveal his identity. Even during the family week, Rakhi Sawant pleaded with her mother to ask her husband to come in front of the world. Now, Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya Sawant who is hospitalized for the treatment of abdomen cancer has revealed that Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh is paying all her medical bills.

While speaking to Times Of India, Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya Sawant said, “Yes, Rakhi’s husband Ritesh is taking care of me and all the medical bills and everything. He is there for us. He is trying hard to come to India and I have asked him to come ahead and reveal his identity. He has assured me that he will come before the audience and accept Rakhi as his wife. He is a very good human being and I just want them to be together and happy in their married life.”

Rakhi’s mother also mentioned that Ritesh has promised her that he will make an appearance on Bigg Boss 14 and accept Rakhi Sawant as his wife.

In an earlier interview, Ritesh had said that he wants to enter the BB house not only for supporting his wife Rakhi Sawant but helping Abhinav Shukla to win the show as he is the most deserving contestant inside.

Ritesh told Spotboye, “I feel groups have been made and pairings are done. Jasmin Bhasin has Aly’s support. Rubina is there inside with her husband. Which is unfair for other contestants to an extent. The only contestant who is genuine inside is Abhinav Shukla. He is not physically aggressive with others. I don’t like people calling him a weak contestant as Bigg Boss is a mind game and he is playing it really well. I don’t see that potential in any other contestant who can take the show ahead. I believe he deserves to win and I will be supporting him to win the show. Main andar jaaunga to meri strategy hogi jo deserving contestant hai wo aage badhe baaki eliminate ho.”

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