Since Bigg Boss 14 has ended, Rakhi Sawant has been spotted several times going to the hospital to take care of her mother. As per the reports, Rakhi decided to walk out from Bigg Boss 14 with Rs 14 lakhs as she needed the money for her mother’s treatment. When the host of the show Salman Khan and his brother Sohail Khan got to know about the same, they came forward to offer monetary help for Rakhi’s mother’s ongoing cancer treatment. In a recent interview, Rakhi revealed that Salman Khan asked her not to discuss it publicly.

She said, “I’ve struggled a lot in my career. When I was working I was only bothered about taking care of my family, mother, brother and his family, a widow sister. I matured at a very young age. I’ve always been upfront and have spoken my mind because there was no one to guide me. But now my image has changed and I have to behave in a certain manner. Salman sir had told me that I should have a control on my tongue.”

Rakhi continued, “Salman Khan and Sohail Bhai have done a lot for me. They always tell whatever we do there is no need to talk about it. That’s why I want to keep it personal. But yes they have helped me a lot. My other friends like Kashmera Shah also came forward to help me and I am very thankful for them.”

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