Kiara Advani Confirms Being In A Relationship For Last Two Months: We Wonder If It’s Sidharth Malhotra?

For quite some time, there have been reports that Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra are sharing more than just friendship. The two are often spotted together at the airport and even seen holidaying together. However, both actors have always denied any dating news and said they’re just friends. But, in a recent interview, Kiara Advani spilled the beans on her dating game and it will make you wonder if she has indirectly confirmed her relationship with Sidharth Malhotra.

Evern since, Kiara and Sidharth tarted shooting for Shershaah, the two are often seen grabbing headlines for all the right reasons. Recently, Kiara Advani , who became the cover girl for the Filmfare Magazine, was asked the last time when she went on a date. To this, she replied, “Last time I went on a date was… It was sometime this year. And it’s been only two months for this year, so you do the math.”

In January, Kiara and Sidharth were holidaying together in Maldives and if the latest reports are anything to by, Kiara also met Sidharth’s parents recently. During the same interview, Kiara was also asked about how she would react if her boyfriend cheats on her, she said, “Then I will block him and never look back. No forgetting. I don’t go back. That’s a complete no-no in a relationship.”

Earlier, during her appearance on Neha Dhupia’s chat show #NoFilterNeha5 opened up about her relationship status. Speaking to Neha Dhupia, Kiara said, “So, I really like the status that says, ‘I am single till I’m married’. So, I’m not married, that’s why I’m single.” She continued, “I’m just trying to think how much I’ve dated before I was famous and compare the two. You know what, it’s only that you end up meeting people in your line of work much more than you would meet people otherwise. I mean, if I was dating or getting married to an actor, I don’t think the profession would matter so much.”

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