Rajeev Khandelwal Opens On His Marriage With Manjiri Kamtikar, Recites His Love Story

Rajeev Khandelwal rose to fame with the hit TV show Kahin To Hoga. He was the angry young man that every girl wanted to date. Later, he went to on act in several movies and shows that gained him a lot of accolades. However, throughout, he managed to stay really silent about his personal life. Even now, he got married to his ladylove Manjiri Kamtikar and no one had a clue about it. But in a recent interview with ETimes, the actor spilled the beans on his romantic love story with Manjiri Kamtikar.

He said, “As we speak, she and I are in Goa. My marriage has been beautiful. Manjiri is a wonderful person and I have a great set of in-laws. She is a happy soul.” Adding further Rajeev mentioned Manjiri being someone whom he wanted in life, “She is someone whom I wanted in life as she also doesn’t care about too many things just like me. She doesn’t like coming in front of the wedding and would speed off in an auto without any reservations. We love spending time together,” added the actor.

Talking about how his love story started, he said, “I knew Manjiri’s elder sister Mamta and I used to tease her that she should make me meet her younger sister. I never meant it, though. It was just that once Manjiri was in Mumbai and Mamta asked me to come over. I told her that I had just joked with her but she said that she wasn’t joking. I was close by and soon reached their place. It is here that I saw Manjiri for the first time. And you know what! She was doing Mithunda, Dharamji and Bachchan saab’s dances!”

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