The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the most popular stand-up comedy shows the world of TV has ever seen. The show has had many revamps and has started again after being boxed many times. And once again, all Kapil Sharma fans are given a reason to feel sad. The show is going off-air by February. And no, any reports of the show getting a revamp are not true. The real reason is there are no new movie releases for which film stars could come to the show for promotion. And otherwise, there is no live audience as well.

“Contrary to reports, there is no revamp plan. Kapil’s show has been a favourite with masses because of many reasons. The audience participation was one driving factor for the show. Currently, there is no live audience due to the pandemic. Films too are not releasing and so, Bollywood actors are not coming to the show for any film promotion. So, the makers felt that it would be ideal to take a break right now and return when things get back to normal,” reported Times Of India.

A source close to the show said that Kapil Sharma’s wife Ginni is expecting their second child, the break would be ideal for him to stay at home and focus on giving quality time to the family. “This break will give him that much-needed time to spend with family. The show too can return with more entertaining content after a three-month break,” said the source.

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