Sushmita Sen’s biographical drama, ‘Taali,’ will be available on Jio Cinema. The actress shared Renee, her older daughter, Renee’s response to it. Sushmita Sen is praised as one of the best actresses, and she demonstrated this in 2020 when she made a comeback with her web series, Arya. In her upcoming online series Taali, which will be available on Jio Cinema, the beauty will be seen in a completely new avatar as she plays the transgender activities character Shreegauri Sawant. The actress described the reaction of her daughters to the transgender character in the movie.

In the movie Taali, Sushmita Sen described how her older daughter Renee caused her anxiety while she played a transgender character

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Sushmita Sen shared her daughters’ reactions to her portraying a transgender character in a web series. Sushmita said that she need not solicit her daughter’s opinion because she will inevitably receive one. Sushmita mentioned how her girls jumped with joy when they learned it.

Renee, Sushmita’s oldest daughter, was concerned and anxious about how she would pull it off. According to a quote from Sushmita: “I don’t have to ask for an opinion, I get one whether I ask for it or not. That is the new generation, and that is Renee and surprisingly Alisah, who is going to turn 14. So, when both of them heard that I am going to do Taali, they jumped, and then my elder one Renee was worried. She was like, ‘But how are you going to pull it off? Because mumma I am thinking I have seen a man play a transgender before but I have never seen a woman play a transgender.”

Sushmita said, “I was shocked, and I thought, ‘Please don’t add more stress to it,’ because I wasn’t thinking about how a woman could play a transgender role.” She was only considering it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Renee also offered some thoughtful advice, she said, and it concerned people’s perceptions and what Instagram might think.

When Sushmita Sen talked about the absence of a father in her daughters’ lives

Soon, Sushmita will appear in Ravi Jadhav’s biography of transgender rights advocate Shreegauri Sawant. Sushmita shared her thoughts on the value of fathers in children’s lives in an interview with ETimes. Even while she acknowledged the importance of a father in a child’s life, she made it apparent that her kids’ lack of a father had no bearing on their lives in any way. She reportedly stated: “Like everything else in life, you don’t miss what you never had.”