Recently Sussane Khan’s sister Farah Ali Khan reported Kangan Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel’s sister account over one of her tweets in which she supposedly compared herself to the Nazis and Rangoli’s Twitter account was suspended . Post which Kangana Ranaut had come forth in support of her sister through a video message and talked about how Rangoli’s intention was not to spread hate against a certain community and she was only agitated over people who are harassing doctors and police officials amid Coronavirus pandemic. As per a IANS report a advocate named Kaashif Khan Deshmukh has filed a police complaint against Kangna Ranaut.

As per IANS, as per the copy of the complaint, “It is pertinent to note that one sister calls for genocide killings, violence and the other sister not just support her for the same despite nationwide criticism and suspension of her Twitter account but also gives a label of terrorist to a sect…” As per the complaint, Kangana and her sister are also accused of “misusing their stardom, fame, money, power and influence with an aim and intent to promote hatred, disbalance, fights in the country for their personal benefits and gains.”

Kangna had shared a video few days back defending her sister Rangoli’s act. In the video, Kangna claimed that they both will apologise if anyone finds a tweet where Rangoli said anything offensive.

Kangna further mentioned. “My sister Rangoli Chandel had specifically mentioned that people who have attacked doctors and police personnel should be shot dead”. She also spoke about Farah Ali Khan and Rangoli Chandel made false accusations against her sister for being community specific.

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