Arslan Goni, the boyfriend of Sussanne Khan, experienced an unexpected setback while the couple was preparing to depart for their New Year’s celebration. The incident, which occurred at the airport on a bustling Saturday morning, quickly became a topic of amusement and discussion among netizens.

Arslan Goni’s Forgets passport

As Sussanne Khan and Arslan Goni were making their way through the airport, ready to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the New Year, they encountered a surprising hiccup. While proceeding through the routine security check, it was discovered that Arslan had forgotten a crucial item – his passport. This oversight led to a temporary halt in their travel plans.

A video capturing this moment surfaced online, shared by a paparazzo, showcasing the couple at the security checkpoint. While Sussanne appeared to have all her documents in order, Arslan realized he had left behind his passport. The couple, taken aback by this lapse, politely excused themselves from the prying cameras of the paparazzi.

Sussanne Khan’s New Year Plans

The internet community was quick to respond to this incident, with the video going viral and sparking a flurry of reactions. One user humorously commented on the situation, saying, “New year plan oops oh nooo,” accompanied by a laughing emoji. Another cheekily added, “Moye Moye,” echoing a sentiment of playful mockery.

The comments continued, ranging from lighthearted jests to playful teasing. One user joked about the focus on luxury bags over essential travel documents, while another wondered if forgetting passports was becoming a new trend among celebrities.


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Amidst this light-hearted episode, Sussanne Khan has been in the news for more personal achievements. Her son Hrehaan recently received an acceptance letter from Berklee College of Music, accompanied by a scholarship merit award. Overjoyed, Sussanne expressed her pride and happiness in a heartfelt message, celebrating her son’s dedication to music and his promising future in the field.

This incident at the airport, while a minor hiccup in their plans, highlights the often unpredictable nature of celebrity life, where even a simple mistake can become a moment of entertainment for the public. As Sussanne and Arslan regrouped to continue their New Year’s journey, they left behind a memorable moment for their followers and the online community.