Paras Chhabra and Devoleena Bhattacharjee was last seen in Bigg Boss season 14. Devoleena entered as a proxy of Eijaz Khan, while Paras was in the house for a short period of time to make the show more interesting. During one of the episodes, the two were seen locking horns with each other after they had a disagreement. Now, in a recent interview, Paras Chharba spoke about his bond with Devoleena Bhattacharjee and he does not have any nice things to say about her.

Speaking to ETimes, Paras Chhabra stated that Devoleena was good to his face while she spoke against him behind his back. Calling her an ‘aastin ka saanp’, Paras said, “I know she spoke against me. Ye toh wahi baat hogayi na Aise logon ko aastin ka saanp kehte hain, joh aap ko humesha dussne ke liye ready hote hain. When I entered the Bigg Boss 14 house she was all excited, she was shouting, yelling ‘ye my friend has come’ and she knows how I am. It was Devoleena who actually set a certain image of me in the minds of other contestants. She went and told everyone he’s not trustworthy and he can do this and that. In fact, when I was going inside the house, a lot of my fans messaged and told me that when she had got out and we were still inside the show in season 13, she would tweet nasty things about Mahira and me. I did not pay attention to it as she was fine with me during that time. I did not bother because people sometimes do stuff just to be in the news and grab headlines.”

He further added, “But when I went inside this time and saw her two different reactions. On my face she was very happy, but she would talk rubbish in my absence. This shows how fake a person she is and by doing this she was showing her true personality. Personally, I did not bother much because I had gone there to play Bigg Boss. Season 13 had given us so much love and appreciation. Ever since season 14 had started people were messaging me if I will be going inside, they all were asking me and hence I went inside. I feel Devoleena was just a medium. Agar woh nahi hoti toh shayad koi aur contestant hoti… I went inside for fans. In fact, had I not gone inside, Devoleena would have got eliminated because she had told me herself that she had a three weeks contract. Because I went inside she stayed there for an extra week.”

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