Pankaj Tripathi’s On-Screen Wife Rasika Dugal Talks About Getting Misogynistic Comments: “They’re Very Sex`ual”

Being in the glamour world means there is a lot of criticism as well as praises all the time. The kind of roles you do attracts the same kind of comments. Rasika Dugal, who is one of the main leads in the Amazon Prime’s web series Mirzapur opened up about receiving a lot of lewd and sexual comments, from the netizens for her bold role in the show.
Rasika Dugal Mirzapur
During a virtual panel discussion at the ongoing India Film Project festival, Rasika Dugal spoke about getting misogynist comments on social media because of her character Beena Tripathi in the show. She revealed that the comments are extremely sexual and mentioned there’s no fun in that. Talking on the same, Rasika said, “I’ve got a myriad of comments for ‘Mirzapur’. They’re extremely sexual, it’s not fun. Sometimes it does make me conscious. I tell myself ”Of course, what was I thinking. We live in a misogynistic society, this was bound to happen.”
Rasika Dugal
Rasika Dugal mentioned that whenever she posts something about her role in show, she started receiving lot of backlash and sexual comments on her posts, sometimes those remarks get to her. Sharing some details about it, she continued, “Sometimes when I put out a post, I start thinking of the comments. It does have that effect. If I put up a fun caption about Beena Tripathi, I start imagining those heavily misogynistic comments that will come after that…” Rasika Dugal went on to share that although she receives such comments, they don’t deter her from taking up such roles, and added, “In fact, it encourages me to do that more.” The 35-year-old actress also stated that people are very comfortable with narratives which talk about women as victims of sexual violence, but a woman exploring her desires, has a sexual life, having fun, seems uncomfortable and difficult for many people to accept.

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