Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who entered her second marriage with Salim Karim in October 2023, is allegedly expecting a child. Speculation arose after a viral social media post hinted at her due date being in August or September. Despite the buzz, Mahira has remained silent regarding these rumours.

Internet Buzz and Speculations

Recently, a Reddit user claimed insider information suggesting Mahira’s pregnancy and her decision to step away from two significant projects due to it. The post circulated widely, with netizens sharing congratulatory messages for the actress.

Mahira exchanged vows with her longtime partner Salim in a picturesque ceremony on October 1, capturing hearts with photos and videos shared online. Notably, her son from her previous marriage, Azlan, was a poignant part of the occasion, escorting his mother down the aisle in a touching moment showcased on Instagram.

Mahira’s prior marriage was with Ali Askari, but the couple parted ways in 2015. Now, amid her reported pregnancy, the actress has yet to confirm or deny the circulating speculations.

Professional Journey and Recent Developments

Mahira’s prominent role opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the 2017 Bollywood film “Raees” earned her widespread acclaim. However, her promotional activities for the film were hampered by the ban on Pakistani artists working in India following the 2016 Uri attack. Consequently, Mahira has refrained from participating in any Indian projects since then.

Mahira Khan’s Reported Pregnancy

In a recent turn of events, the Mumbai High Court lifted the longstanding ban on Pakistani artists in India, marking a potential shift in opportunities for Mahira and her contemporaries in the Indian entertainment industry.

Amidst the anticipation surrounding Mahira’s reported pregnancy, fans eagerly await official confirmation from the actress herself. The possibility of Mahira’s expanding family adds to the joyous atmosphere following her recent nuptials. With her career trajectory poised for potential changes, Mahira’s journey continues to captivate audiences both domestically and abroad.