Nora Fatehi is a common name in the industry now and no one can stop from grooving to the beats of her dance numbers. She rose to fame with the song Dilbar and has never looked back. But her journey from Canada to India hasn’t been as easy as it seems on the surface. She had to face many challenges, bullying, traumatic experiences, and whatnot before she reached this height. In an interview with a YouTuber, Anas Bukhash opened up on her struggling days.

Nora Fatehi said, “We were so excited and so naive. When I reached India, it was nothing like (what I had imagined). I was thinking I’ll get picked up by a limousine and a butler, and they’re going to take me to a suite, and I would go to my auditions in that limo. It was nothing like that. I had the biggest slap in my face. The bullying, the rejection, the traumatic experience that I went through.”

She continued, “If someone had told me that these are all the things I was going to go through – ‘You’re going to meet evil people, they’re going to steal your passport, you’re going to get deported, you’re going to go back to Canada and people are going to laugh at you. How do you go from a developed country to a developing country? You’re going to go back to India, you’re going to fight, learn the language, and you’re going to meet people who’re going to laugh at you on the way, they’re going to laugh in your face’.”

Nora said that she would be called in for auditions by casting directors who knew she was not Indian and give her lines in Hindi, only to laugh at her. “They would start laughing together, high-fiving each other,” she said, thinking to herself, “How f****g dare you, wait till I leave. Don’t do it in front of my face.” Nora said that she would counter with a ‘dirty attitude’, which made them recoil.

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