The wedding of Neeti Mohan with the Manikarnika star Nihaar Pandya has been a much-awaited affair. Everyone was looking forward to seeing the Mohan sisters rock the event after they posted some breathtaking pictures from Neeti Mohan’s bachelorette. The sibling trio Neeti Mohan, Mukti Mohan, and Shakti Mohan looked drop dead gorgeous at the bachelorette and everyone was eyeing on the gorgeous ladies at Neeti’s wedding at the Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad.

Neeti tied the knot on February 16th this year with her long-time boyfriend Nihaar Pandya. While we were waiting for the wedding pics of Neeti Mohan and Nihaar Pandya for so many days, the gorgeous looking bride finally shared some of her wedding pics a few days ago. She shared her wedding pics with the caption,  “With the blessings of family, friends and well wishers, we are blissfully married. Dad’s health is getting better each day. The Mohan and Pandya family THANK YOU for your constant love and support.”

We had all been eagerly waiting for the pics of Neeti Mohan and Nihaar Pandya to be shared online so that we could gape at the beauty. After sharing a pics from their wedding, there is a new pic that is gonna give you jiju-saali goals. It’s the pic of the three saalis Mukti Mohan, Shakti Mohan, and Kirti Mohan with their bride sister Neeti Mohan and her husband Nihaar Pandya. And here we have it. Shakti Mohan chilling with her jiju is the feeling every one of us want to experience.  Not only that, but looks like Nihaar is the perfect jiju who tolerates his sali’s nakhre. Captioning the picture as,  “Saaliyon ke nakhre @nihaarpandya jija ji When you finally get a big brother who you can throw all your tantrums on. So fulfilling @neetimohan18.” Shakti shared a picture:

Earlier also, Mukti Mohan shared the pic with an adorable caption, “We are 5 now” followed by a heart emoji, while Shakti has worded it as, “We are 5 Now. @nihaarpandya NJ Zooooo. Yayyyyyyyy Welcome to our Mad Mohan family.” Take a look:

Earlier, Mukti had also shared a pic of her sis Neeti with Nihaar Pandya. She captioned the pic as,  “When promises are made with an open heart, we experience the divine rain. @neetimohan18 @nihaarpandya My NeeNis I Love You more than myself. Just like the showers in your wedding, I wish you love, good health, success everything in abundance.”

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