Neena Gupta Reveals Her Friend Tried To Get Her Married To A Gay Man When She Was Pregnant With Masaba Gupta

Neena Gupta is one such actress who never shies away from speaking her mind. While actresses in Bollywood try to keep their personal life under wraps Neena Gupta has been an exception. Be it her love affair with former West Indies cricketer Viv Richards or her child born out of the wedlock Masaba Neena Gupta has always spoken unabashedly in all her interviews.

She recently launched her autobiography “Sach Kahun Toh” in which she revealed that her friend Sujoy Mitra once tried to get her married to one of his gay friends when she was pregnant with Masaba. As per a report in Zoom, “I laughed them off because I didn’t feel right about getting married just to avoid controversy. I knew I would have to answer very difficult questions”.

“Being a public figure meant that our lives, mine and my child’s, would always be up for speculation. But I told myself I would cross that bridge when I come to it. Until then, I would hide behind loose clothes for as long as I could”, Neena said about the proposal.

Stay tuned for more such gossips.

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