Nana Patekar spoke in a recent interview about his eldest son’s death and how it affected him. One of the most gifted actors in Bollywood, Nana Patekar has acted in numerous plays, commercials, and films over the years. Nana disclosed details about Lallantop’s children and personal life in a recent interview. 

Nana Patekar reveals he felt disgusted by his sick son

Nana recently spoke with Lallantop, revealing that his eldest son has special needs and has been sick since birth. It disgusted Nana, the father, that he had issues with his eyes. He was constantly considering the opinions of others regarding the kind of son he had given birth to. As stated by Nana: “My eldest son has been sick since birth. He had some complications. He had trouble in one eye, it wasn’t visible. I felt so disgusted that when I saw him, I thought about what people would think, what kind of son Nana has.”

Nana continued, saying that he became conceited and focused only on his image, not his son’s suffering. Sadly, Durvasa, his toddler son, died at the age of two and a half. After his son’s passing, Nana was devastated, but he also realised that many things in life are beyond his control. Nana stated further: “I didn’t think about what he felt or how he felt. I only thought about what people would think about my son. His name was Durvasa. He spent two and a half years with us. But what can you do, some things happen in life.”

Nana Patekar talked about the ‘Me Too’ allegation against him

In 2018, Tanushree Dutta said that Nana Patekar had molested her sexually. When Nana discussed it, he said he knew the accusation was untrue and therefore was not upset about it. Nana gave the following explanation of his train of thought at that time:

“I knew that it was all a lie. That’s why I didn’t get angry. When everything was a lie, why should I be angry? And all those things are old. They have happened. What can we talk about? Everyone knew the truth. What could I say at that time when nothing like this happened? Suddenly, someone says that you did this, you did that. What would I have answered to all these things? Should I have said that I didn’t do this? I know the truth that I didn’t do anything.” 

Nana Patekar’s professional front 

On the professional front, Nana will next appear in the film Laal Batti. He had previously starred in The Vaccine War, a provocative drama directed by Vivek Agnihotri. In addition, he appeared in the Marathi movie Ole Aale, which had remarkable success at the box office.