“‘Nahi Hui Hai” Aditi Rao Hydari ‘Denies’ Wedding Rumors With Sidharth As Paparazzo Congratulates Her

Aditi Rao Hydari, the Bollywood actress, has been making headlines lately after her engagement to Sidharth. The couple, who have been in a long-term relationship, recently got engaged in Telangana. However, today, Aditi found herself in the spotlight once again when she was spotted at the airport.

Paparazzi Congratulation

As Aditi stepped out of the airport, she was greeted by a paparazzo who congratulated her on her wedding. In response, Aditi quickly denied the claim, stating, “Nahi hue hai” (It hasn’t happened). Despite the paparazzo’s insistence that he was right, Aditi chose to ignore the conversation and headed towards the terminal gate. The video of this interaction quickly went viral on social media platforms.

Siddharth’s Confirmation

At a recent Galatta Golden Stars event, Siddharth openly discussed their engagement. He explained that they had chosen not to announce it beforehand, leading to speculation. However, they later clarified on Instagram with a photo of their engagement rings. Siddharth emphasized the difference between privacy and secrecy during the event.

Siddharth’s Humorous Take

Siddharth amused the audience when asked about the moment Aditi said yes to his proposal. He humorously remarked that the duration it took for her to say yes shouldn’t matter as long as she did. Siddharth expressed relief that she accepted his proposal, jokingly comparing it to passing an exam. He added that the wedding date would depend on the elders’ decision and emphasized that it’s not like setting a shooting date but a lifetime commitment.


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Engagement Announcement

Although the couple has been spotted together on numerous occasions, they have maintained privacy regarding their relationship status in public. However, on March 28, Aditi shared a photo announcing their engagement on social media. The photo depicted them holding each other closely, with Aditi flaunting a diamond ring and Siddharth wearing a gold band with magenta detailing on his ring finger. Aditi captioned the photo with excitement, “He said yes! E. N. G. A. G. E. D.”

As Aditi and Siddharth continue to capture attention with their engagement news, fans eagerly anticipate further updates on their relationship journey.

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