Ameesha Patel Once Yelled At Sanjay Dutt At A Wedding For Covering Her Revealing Dress; Reports

The Bollywood industry is not just about glitz, glamour, and all the happy times. There have been incidents when a star has literally got into a war of words with other actors. One such verbal war that grabbed everyone’s attention was between Sanjay Dutt and Ameesha Patel. It so happened that both the stars got into an ugly spat which later harmed the career of the actress.

In the year 2012, Sanjay Dutt was present at the sangeet ceremony of David Dhawan’s elder son Rohit Dhawan in Goa. The same function was also attended by Ameesha Patel where she had made the entry in a revealing dress.  According to TOI,  a guest at the ceremony witnessed the spat between the two.

When Ameesha entered the ceremony Sanjay Dutt tried to cover her up with her Duptta saying that she is like her sister and she should avoid wearing such clothes. To this, Ameesha got offended and started yelling and shouting at Sanjay Dutt who left the venue after the argument. The actor didn’t imagine that Ameesha would react so badly to his gesture.

Later, Sanjay Dutt left for Mumbai the next day and refused to work with Ameesha Patel in any of the movies. She was also removed from two films backed by David Dhawan. Later, the actress said that there was no fight between the two and the rumors were spread by some jealous losers. She said that Sanjay Dutt was protective of her and he would not let anyone touch her.

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