Malaika Arora Talks About Her Car Accident And Reveals How She Overcame Her Body’s Shocks: Deets Inside

Malaika Arora recently discussed her vehicle accident in an interview with a reputable daily, admitting that she was in complete shock. Malaika Arora, an actress, and model, has been stealing our hearts with her stylish sense of fashion and toned body. Malaika attributes her fit and healthy figure at 48 years old to her yoga practice. Malaika managed to carve out a space for herself in her more than two-decade-long career and astounded everyone with her presence on the big screen.

On April 2, 2022, Malaika Arora was returning from Pune after attending a fashion event when she was involved in a serious auto accident in Khopoli, Maharashtra. She was hurried to a neighbouring hospital even though she had not sustained any serious wounds. She discussed how she got over that difficult time in a recent interview.

In an interview with India Today, Malaika Arora talked candidly about her injury and her desire to resume her yoga practice. She explained that she had thought yoga might help her both physically and mentally and added that she had been in tears during her first yoga class following her injury. Remembering her difficult time, she stated:

“Without making light of the situation, besides my healing, the one thing I kept asking my doctor was when I could go back to my yoga practice. I could not do it immediately. I could only start with basic yoga at the start. I knew yoga would make a great difference to my mental and physical state, hence, I kept asking my doctor about it. The day my trainer came home and did a class, I was in tears.”

Malaika also mentioned how her injury left her in a state of intense shock from which she needed time to recuperate. Two and a half months after her injury, she said that she is back practicing yoga and that she is content. She stated: “My body went through a lot of shock post the accident and needed time to recover. When I could do 45 mins to one hour of my yoga class, it made me so happy. Today, we are two and a half months since the accident, and I am back to my practice and I am so happy about it. Thank you, yoga.”

Since August 2021, Arhaan Khan has been studying higher education abroad. He has a warm relationship with his mother, Malaika Arora. The 20-year-old boy adores his mother and is never afraid to express her affection. Malaika had previously discussed her son Arhaan’s response to her injury in an interview with The Times Of India. She had revealed that he had been howling over the phone. When discussing the same, Malaika had said:

“I had just come back after seeing Arhaan. It had just been 48 hours and the incident happened. I was at work in the US and he had a spring break. So we also spent a lot of time together. He was hugely worried and in shock after my accident. He was howling on the phone, and he was worried and just ready to hop on to the next flight. What do you expect from a kid in such a situation, especially when he’s miles away from home?”

Malaika Arora and actor Arjun Kapoor are currently engaged in a committed relationship.


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