Mahadev Fame Actress Sonarika Bhadoria Gets Shamed For Wearing A Loose Jeans, Shuts Slam Everyone

Social media is a place where people can openly express their opinion which has acted as a boom as well as a bane. While it has helped bring people closer, it has also allowed the mindless creeps to slide into the profiles and leave their nasty thoughts in the comment section. Recently, Devo Ke Dev Mahadev actress Sonarika Bhadoria posted a hot picture in a red top and rugged boyfriend jeans which attracted a lot of nasty comments.

Sonarika Bhadoria captioned the picture, “Are you lost babyboy?” She got skinny-shammed in return by the netizens. A user commented “Tum sukh ke mar jaao”. To this, the actress responded saying, “Tum toh itne phoole hue ho phat kar nahi mare abhi tak?” Another one wrote, “Ye 28 ki kamar hai toh 34 size kyu li hai aapne.” To this, Sonarika replied, “Aapke papa ne paise diye hain jeans ke? Nahi na.. Toh chup rahein.” Check out the pictures below:

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