Social media influencer and actress Kusha Kapila has been making headlines for her personal life. The actress announced her divorce from her husband Zorawar and shocked her fans. The duo were married for four years and were dating before tying the knot for quite a few years. Their separation has now created a buzz on social media.

Kusha Kapila

The netizens have been trolling and abusing the couple left right center after their decision. So much so that Zorawar had to chip in and release a statement on behalf of Kusha Kapila. He requested the followers to not hurl abuse at her ex-wife as it was a mutual decision to part ways. The social media influencer also had to turn off her comments section in order to keep the trolls away.

Amid all of this, an old video of Kusha agreeing with Karan Johar on ‘Sexual infidelity is not infidelity’ went viral. The clip was from a show hosted by Janice Sequeira that led to even more abuses for Kusha Kapila.

The actress has now spoken about her divorce and has shared a fresh statement mentioning that the topic is over for her. In a long post-Kusha stated she has moved on in life and has never given or will give any statement over her divorce. She also added that she doesn’t have a PR team so no story has been planted.

Kusha then mentioned that she has restricted many accounts, comments, and blocked profiles in order to sanitize her profile. “we are at the tail end of it but that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen how so many of you have fought with these nalayak, behuda macchars with logic and so much dignity,” she wrote.