Actor Sikandar Kher broadcasted live on Instagram on Thursday night and briefly introduced his mother Kirron Kher’s recovery. Kirron was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Anupam Kher and Sikandar announced in April that the congressman actress had multiple myeloma blood cancer. Anupam said later that she would recover soon.

Talking about how she has been staying at home, Kirron said in the video, “I’m fed up of being closed up in the house, watching TV. After a while, I switch off, I don’t know what I’m even watching.”

Although the mother and son continue to joke, Sikandar tells how director Rajiv Menon once offered him a movie and asked him if he could sing. He said that he replied: “I can sing in the bathroom”, which made his mother laugh.

Then he announced that the song he sang for the movie was evidence of AR Rahman, but the movie was never made. Kirron asked if Sikandar heard from Rahman. “I never had a word with AR Rahman,” he replied as Kirron confessed that even she can’t sing.

People watched the live broadcast and found that Sikander is very similar to Kirron. However, the actor said that Kirron should have a daughter because she would be as beautiful as a “mothership”. At the same time, Kirron proposed to him to get married. “You get married. I have so many sarees and jewelry, who will I give all these things?” Sikandar joked that he will wear her sarees. “Main pehnunga aapki saariya (I’ll drape your sarees),” he said.

Kirron also shared that she is catching up with some Korean shows and is currently not considering Bollywood movies. She also asked her son to accompany her more. “Come and spend time with me, I am so glad you did it today, at least sit for 30 minutes with me,” she said.

Sikandar is shooting a Vasan Bala film. Kirron was last seen in Punjab in 1984.