Nusrat Jahan Told Yash Dasgupta, “It’s Okay” If He Didn’t Want “Anything To Do With The Baby”, He Reveals What He Replied

Actors Nusrat Jahan and Yash Dasgupta have finally confirmed that the latter is the father of the baby. In a recent interview with a leading daily, Yash revealed the conversation they had when Nusrat told him that she was pregnant.

He said that he wanted the baby but left the final decision to Nusrat.“I didn’t flinch when she told me. I just asked her if she wanted to go ahead with it. It’s not my body — it’s hers. She needed to decide. I told her I’d never leave her side irrespective of her decision. I wanted to have the baby but couldn’t have forced my decision on her. She even told me that if you want nothing to do with the baby, it’s okay, I’ll keep the baby,” he said.

To which Nusrat added, “He didn’t freak out at all. It was a mutual decision. We didn’t care what the world would think. I knew they’d either call me strong or call me names.” Yash said, “I may have my own reasons to have the baby. But, tell me, what did those who were talking ill of us expect? That I’d leave a pregnant woman to herself? Would that have been a fair thing to do in the eyes of the world?”

She kept her pregnancy a secret for the longest time, At a recent event, she was asked a question about her better half and she chose not to take any names. Nusrat told NDTV, “I think that’s a vague question to ask and puts a black spot on somebody’s character as a woman, who the father is. The father knows who the father is and we are having a great parenthood together at the moment. Myself and Yash, we are having a good time.”

For those who are unaware, Nusrat was earlier married to Nikhil Jain, Nusrat had claimed that her marriage in Turkey with Nikhil in 2019 was not valid under Indian laws. Nikhil claimed that Nusrat had avoided his requests to register the marriage.


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