Twenty years of being with a special person in her life were accomplished by Katrina Kaif. She also wrote a lengthy note describing all of the things he does for her. One of the most well-known actresses in Hindi films is Katrina Kaif. She sent a statement describing what he meant to her as she celebrated 20 years with her personal helper.

Katrina Kaif pens a lengthy note for her personal assistant as they complete 20 years of togetherness

On July 11, 2023, Katrina Kaif uploaded a photo of herself and Ashok Sharma to her Instagram account. She could be seen posing for the camera with her hands on Ashok’s shoulders as they both grinned broadly for the camera. With little makeup and open hair, Katrina finished her lovely look with a white t-shirt. Ashok, on the other hand, chose a black shirt. The actress included a lengthy letter with the photo describing how the couple had just celebrated 20 years of marriage. She penned: “Aaj bis saal pure ho gaye. Mr Ashok Sharma. The person who has spent the most time with me in the last 20 years.”

Katrina also mentioned in the same message all the selfless things Ashok, her personal assistant, does for her. She admitted that Ashok used to encourage her with pep talks, argue with her about drinking tea, and assist her in making important decisions in her life. In addition, Katrina revealed how Ashok has a strong emotional connection to the actress and breaks down in tears whenever someone treats her poorly on the set. The following is how to interpret Katrina’s note:

“From laughs …to motivating pep talks … fights over me not drinking what I’ve asked for (tea emoji) or me changing my mind about what I actually want. To Ashok shedding a few tears if someone gave me a tough time on set. We’ve been through it all, his friendly face there every day, the one constant, usually knowing what I want before I do, always keeping a watchful eye on me. Here’s to the next 20.”

Katrina Kaif’s mushy glimpse with her husband, Vicky Kaushal

In terms of her personal life, Katrina is married to Vicky Kaushal, the love of her life. After a few years of romance, the couple got married on December 9, 2021. Since then, the wildly in love couple has never missed an opportunity to reveal adorable peeks of their blissful marriage. For instance, Katrina recently uploaded a number of picture-postcard-quality images from her coffee dates with Vicky to her Instagram account. Vicky made one’s heart skip a beat in one photo as he mushily posed for a sweet selfie with his adoring wifey, Katrina. In the other images, a kettle and a delicious pancake with whipped cream were shown.

For instance, on April 28, 2023, Katrina uploaded a candid photo of her husband Vicky to her Instagram story. Vicky may be seen smiling and squinting in the image. In a beige shirt, he appeared sharp. The image also showed a green area of their home that was brimming with tiny plants and flowers and gave the whole thing a homely feel. Katrina added a love sign to the image before sharing it.