Kareena Kapoor Proudly Praises Son Taimur Ali Khan; Checkout What She Said!

Actress Kareena Kapoor called her sons Taimur Ali Khan and Jehangir Ali Khan mischievous but added that her elder son listens to someone who forbids him from doing something wrong. In a new interview, Kareena also said that Taimur Ali Khan ‘already has an eye for good movies’ as she and his father, Kareena’s husband-actor Saif Ali Khan, watch movies together.

Kareena said that Taimur has already skipped a generation due to his father and they watch Pirates Of The Caribbean, Star Wars and The Mandalorian together. These are the things that Saif likes. Taimur wants to be like him. He is very close to his father. The boys all gang up against Kareena. He is a boy who is very bright, understanding, and quite ahead of his age. He understands it when somebody tells him that something is not right and he is not supposed to do it.

She further added that both he and Jeh are very naughty. Boys, however, grow up and change. Bebo is sure things are going to change a lot. At this age, he already has an eye for good cinema. On weekends, he gets to watch good movies. He does not spend too much time on the screen even though one of them always has to monitor it.

Kareena often shares posts about her sons on Instagram. Kareena, Saif Ali Khan, Taimur, and Jahangir visited Delhi. On Instagram, Kareena posted a video of her and Saif playing on the lawn of her ancestral home, Pataudi Palace.

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