Karan Wahi Shares He Was Abused And Harassed By A Biker On Mumbai Streets, Video Goes Viral

Actor Karan Wahi is widely recognized for his roles in Hindi television dramas and reality shows. He recently encountered harassment from a stranger while on the streets of Mumbai. In a series of Instagram stories shared on Monday night, Karan detailed the distressing incident. In the clip, he was chased and verbally abused by an unidentified individual.

Encounter with Harassment

In a video captured during the altercation, Karan can be seen describing the situation. He stated that a man on a scooter relentlessly pursued him, allegedly banging on his car doors and hurling insults. Karan pleaded for assistance from bystanders and Mumbai Police, expressing concern over the escalating confrontation.

Later, Karan directed his camera towards the man, addressing him directly and highlighting the severity of the situation. The actor asserted his need for police intervention and emphasized his safety concerns.

Karan Wahi Seeking Resolution

Sharing further details of the altercation, Karan revealed that the incident unfolded when he took a turn on the road, leading to a confrontation with the aggressive individual. Despite attempting to defuse the situation, the aggressor continued to threaten and harass Karan, claiming connections with law enforcement.

Subsequently, Karan deleted the Instagram stories documenting the incident, although screenshots circulated among his followers on social media platforms. In a subsequent update, Karan assured his followers of his safety and expressed gratitude towards Mumbai Police for their assistance in resolving the matter.


On the professional front, Karan is set to appear in the legal drama “Raisinghani v/s Raisinghani” alongside Jennifer Winget and Reem Shaikh. The series, slated to premiere on February 12, delves into the lives of three legal professionals, exploring ethical dilemmas and the pursuit of justice.

Karan Wahi gained prominence with his portrayal of Ranveer Sisodia in the popular TV series “Remix.” His versatile talent and affable personality have garnered him a dedicated fan base. Beyond television, Karan has also ventured into hosting reality shows and has appeared in Bollywood films like “Daawat-e-Ishq” and “Hate Story 4.”

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