Kangana Ranaut Says She Never Got The Privilege To Dump Her Partners, Netizens Call Her ‘Funny’ Checkout!

Kangana Ranaut stated in an old video that she’s been dumped in all of her previous relationships, which leaked online. What attracted our attention, though, was how online people responded.

Kangana Ranaut opens up she got dumped by her partners in all her past relationships

On July 24, 2023, a Kangana Ranaut throwback video went viral on Reddit. The Manikarnika actress can be seen discussing her relationships in the video. The diva went on to explain that throughout all of her prior relationships, her lovers had always dumped her. Kangana added in jest that she never had the chance to break up with anyone. The actress added that her ex-boyfriends returned to her not long after she ended a relationship. Her words are:

“I have to admit that every time I have been dumped. I have never got the opportunity or the privilege of dumping someone. There has not been a single relationship from the age of 16 to 31, where I could dump someone. So everyone leaves me and they come back too. But I never take them back because by the time I am moved to another loser.”

To watch the video, click here.

Netizens react to Kangana’s video

Netizens quickly flooded the post’s comment section with their humorous responses after Kangana’s video became popular on Reddit. One Reddit member wrote in the comments, “This is a sentence I never thought I would say, ut how cute and funny is she here”, another one wrote, “She used to be very funny but she went bonkers during the whole Hrithik fiasco and never made a u turn after that.” One more user reacted to Kangana’s video and wrote, “She is always honest. Even when saying made up nonsense. It is nonsense, she believes.” Another comment can be read as, “Do people still attach significance to her words.”

When Kangana gave witty reply at her alleged ex-boyfriend, Hrithik Roshan

Due to her love life in particular, Kangana has been at the center of many controversies. Her purported affair with Hrithik Roshan was one such hotly debated personal life issue. The actress occasionally shares personal information about her connection with Hrithik and is never afraid to poke fun at the star.

A #AskKangana session, for instance, was hosted by the actress on February 20, 2023, via her Twitter account. Her favorite actors, Diljit Dosanjh and Hrithik Roshan, were brought up by one of her followers during the Q&A. Kangana responded with a jab at the ex-boyfriend, saying she had never seen either of them perform on television. “I thought one does action and other one makes song videos, honestly never saw them act … can only tell if someday I see them act … if such a thing happens do let me know thanks #askkangana.”

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