Juhi Parmar, a well-known television actress, wrote an open letter to the producers of the movie “Barbie” in which she accused them of including inappropriate material. One of the most well-known actresses in the television industry is Juhi Parmar. For her time on the popular television show Kumkum-Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan, the actress is well known. She is currently responsible for raising her daughter alone. She then wrote an open letter to the Barbie movie’s creators because she was displeased with the movie.

Juhi Parmar calls out ‘Barbie’ makers for misleading audiences by showing inappropriate content in the film

Juhi Parmar called out the producers of the movie Barbie for showing inappropriate stuff on July 24, 2023, on her Instagram account. In addition to writing an open letter to the creators, she shared four photo messages. The actress admitted in her statement that she and her daughter Samairra, 10, were disappointed after seeing the movie. Juhi stated that she went to see the movie, like everyone else, without doing any homework, but that she was astonished to find the usage of sexual overtones and inappropriate language in the movie. She shared the image note and wrote:

“A lot of my own audience is not going to be happy with what I share today, some of you may send me a lot of angst but I share this note as a concerned parent to Barbie! And for the other parents out there, don’t make the mistake I did and please do check before you take your child for the film, that choice is yours!”

Juhi also mentioned in her statement that she once owned Barbie dolls when she was a child. The actress brought up the subject and questioned the filmmakers as to why they produced such a significant movie with objectionable material. In fact, she pleaded with the parents to keep their children from watching the movie. The actress expressed her desire to be able to forget her memories of the film’s brief glimpses in another statement. The actress referred to Barbie as a “PG-13” film and questioned the creators as to why they had damaged everyone’s perception of the ideal Barbie.

When Juhi Parmar revealed about being a single mother

After she and her ex-husband, Sachin Shroff, divorced, Juhi raised her daughter by herself. Speaking about this, she revealed how challenging it is to be a single mother because you have to fulfill the roles of both parents in an interview with the News18 Showsha. Juhi has added more to it by saying: “I am a single mother and in Yeh Meri Family, she is not. Single parenting is totally different. It is playing the role of a mother and a father, both and not having a partner who is going to take half of your responsibilities. However, I could relate to the emotions of a mother. That does not change with being a single parent or being married and having a child. Emotion remains the same.”