Kangana Ranaut Reacts On Ranbir Kapoor Playing The Role Of ‘Ram’ In Ramayana, Calls Him “Skinny Rat” Checkout!

Kangana Ranaut took to her Instagram story to share two mysterious stories in response to the announcement that Ranbir Kapoor will play ‘Lord Ram’ in Nitesh Tiwari’s film, ‘Ramayana.’

Kangana Ranaut called Ranbir Kapoor ‘a skinny white rat’ indirectly and questioned the decision to choose him as ‘Lord Ram’

Kangana Ranaut took to her Instagram account and posted a lengthy mysterious message. She implied that Ranbir was “a skinny white rat” in this post. She continued the email by making a subtle jab at the actor, claiming that he strove valiantly to play Lord Shiva in a trilogy. Ranbir had a role in the movie Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva that has a relation to mythology for the uninitiated. The following is an excerpt from Kangana’s note:

“Recently I am hearing news about another coming up Bolly Ramayana… Where a skinny white rat (so-called actor) who desperately needs some sun tan and conscience he is infamous for doing nasty underhand PR about almost everyone in the industry… known for womanising and drug addiction after desperately trying to prove himself Lord Shiva in a trilogy (which no one watched or want to make more parts of) has now grown fancy to be Lord Rama…”

Kangana Ranaut heaped praises on the young actor, Yash

The actress later wrote about Yash, a young southern superstar. Speaking of him, Kangana said that the young actor resembles Lord Ram more than Valmiki Ji’s description of him did. Kangana heaped accolades on the actor, describing him as “self-made” and “traditionalist.” Kangana expressed doubt over the choice to give Yash the role of “Ravana” in her writing:

“Whereas a young southern superstar who is known to be self-made, a devoted family man a traditionalist also according to Valmiki ji description he looks more like Lord Rama in his complexion, demeanour and facial features… is offered to play Ravana…What kind of Kalyuga is this?? No pale-looking druggie soy boy should play Lord Rama …. Jai Shri Ram (folded hands emoji).”

Kangana Ranaut followed up with a mysterious statement and a scary emoticon on Instagram. It can be read as follows: “If you hit me once I will hit you till you dead!!! Don’t mess with me, stay away!!!!”

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