Ileana D’Cruz Cheers On The Feeling Of Hearing Her Baby’s Heartbeat, Says It A “Beautiful Moment” See Here!

Ileana D’Cruz, a soon-to-be mother, shared her emotions after hearing her unborn child’s heartbeat for the first time, and it is absolutely unforgettable! Ileana D’Cruzz, a Bollywood actress, is getting ready to become a mother for the first time. On April 18, 2023, the actress announced her pregnancy to her devoted following. Even though the expectant mother has not disclosed any information regarding the father of her unborn child, she has been giving some valuable glimpses of this new chapter in her life.

Mom-to-be, Ileana D’Cruz talks about her fear of post-pregnancy weight gain

The soon-to-be mother, Ileana D’Cruz, had an “Ask Me Anything” session on her Instagram stories on June 23, 2023, during which she answered a number of admirers’ questions. During the conversation, one of her admirers raised the topic of postpartum weight gain and said, “U worried u r gonna gain weight?” To this, the soon-to-be mommy revealed that initially, the thought of gaining weight post-pregnancy used to trigger her. However, with time, she accepted it. Ileana also stated that she loved how her body underwent several changes in the past few months. Calling her pregnancy a miraculous journey, she said:

“Ok so this question would initially really trigger me. And I think it’s because so many people comment on your weight when you’re having a baby. It doesn’t help when you go to your doctor for checkups and they have to weigh you in every time so it’s consistently on your mind. Let me just say, I’ve loved how my body has changed these past few months. It’s such a miraculous, wondrous humbling journey.”

Ileana also said in her note that she worries about gaining weight and feels depressed because she is a human. The actress, however, lavished appreciation on her family, describing how they have been by her side throughout her trip like a pillar. She added that her weight was irrelevant because she was expecting to become a mother. The soon-to-be mother further elaborated on it as follows: “And yes I’m human and there are days I don’t feel great. But I have an amazing support system and people that love me and remind me that I am making a literal little human inside me! So “weight” does not matter. Don’t go by what the “ideal amount of weight gain” should be during your pregnancy. Stay as happy as you can. And listen to your body! Do what feels right to you.”

When Ileana enjoyed her babymoon with a mystery man

Ileana revealed the first-ever photo of the father of her child on June 2, 2023, which was unknown to the public. She posted a number of images from her babymoon to her Instagram account. The expecting mother provided us a preview of her baby moon’s location, cuisine, and many other things in the photos. The last image, though, drew everyone’s attention. 

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