Yesterday, we brought to you the news that the Bollywood actor Faraaz Khan, who has worked in movies like Mehendi and Fareb, is very unwell. He was in the Intensive Care Unit with his health continuously deteriorating. The family needed 25 lakhs for the actor’s treatment but weren’t financially sound to take care of it all. They even set up a fundraiser to collect the amount. However, as per Kashmera Shah’s post, Salman Khan had taken it upon himself to make a grand gesture and clear off all the bills and help the actor in such tough times.

Fahmaan said to Mumbai Mirror, “We will forever be grateful to Salman Khan. May God bless him and give him a long life.” Speaking about his condition to the portal, he said, “He had been suffering from a cough and chest infection for nearly a year. Recently, his condition worsened and he was hospitalized. He was admitted to the emergency ward of Vikram Hospital, where we found out that he had suffered three consecutive seizures due to a herpes infection in his brain and his condition worsened.”

 Sharing the news of Salman coming to Faraaz’s aid, Kashmera wrote, “You are truly a great Human Being. Thank you for taking care of Faraaz Khan and his medical bills. Actor Faraaz Khan of Fareb game is in critical condition and Salman has stood by his side and helped him like he helps so many others. I am and will always remain a true admirer. If people don’t like this post I don’t care. You have a choice to unfollow me. This is what I think and feel. I think he is the most genuine person I have ever met in this film industry @beingsalmankhan”