Twitter is a social engagement platform that is used by nearly everybody these days to get recent updates. Particularly Bollywood stars use this social platform to keep in contact with their fans. Albeit each celeb makes an honest effort to remain dynamic on Twitter, it turns into somewhat hard to consistently continue locks in. The one Bollywood star who has proven to be the best as far as Twitter engagement during this pandemic is Sonu Sood.

The categories whose Twitter engagement was investigated by Twitter include Politicians, Journalists, Business Leaders Founders and Investors, Sportspersons, movie stars, Authors, Chefs, and Comedians. PM Narendra Modi beat the rundown, trailed by Rahul Gandhi, Virat Kohli, and afterward Sonu Sood on number 4. Sonu Sood overwhelmed the Bollywood list, as he arose on top, leaving behind Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, and other Bollywood stars with regards to Twitter engagement.

Reacting to this Sonu Sood says, “I was not aware of this! Wow! I guess I am using the social media platform to connect with people who need me. And that’s how the medium should be used. And not to post your new shoes or a shirt. Technology is meant to bridge the gap between the Common Man and a Celebrity.”

Sonu feels the social media stage can be utilized to change lives. “What’s more, I am happy I’m doing that. I jumped on Twitter a very long time back. I didn’t know in those days why I had joined Twitter. Today I know.”

He further wrote, Twitter has been an invaluable tool for Sonu’s missionary zeal. “Every single day Twitter helps me save lives. We were able to connect with 7.5 lakh migrants. We were able to save 2.5 lakh lives during the whole migration process during the lockdown. We are able to do 20-22 life-saving surgeries every day…liver transplant, kidney transplant….you name it! And now we have organized 970 surgeries during the last 3-4 months. I think that’s where Twitter came in. The journey is on. I still have miles to go.”