We woke up to the news that four accused of Hyedarabad gang rape and murder case has been killed by the Telangana police in an encounter while the police had taken four accused for the recreation of the crime. Netizens are praising the Telangana police for their move in gang rape and murder case. Everyone seems to be so happy that justice has been served to the girl. However, Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Tehseen Poonawalla has a different take on this move. He called is against the law and stated that the country is going toward the lawless-ness and that is worrying.

Tehseen took to the Twitter and wrote, “MPs inside Parliament demand Lynching of the accused. Cops carry out an #Encounter, instead of the govt fixing the system to ensure proper investigation, foolproof case & swift trial! The system is broken & we are demolishing it. We are FAST descending into a lawless state!” In another tweet, he wrote, “Two wrongs do not make a Right ! We are rapidly descending into an anarchy and NO RULE of LAW! The government can’t indulge in encounters this way. Will Asaram or a high profile Sengar or a Chinmyanand also meet with the same fate ? Or are encounters meant for the poor?”

While some people agreed to his thoughts and a lot of them bashed him for his opinion. One of the users wrote, “What uh want to feed them and give them bail so that they can do more nd more crimes like that. What investigation uh required more in Hyderabad crime. Can uh feel the poor soul departed!!!! No uh can feel only politics out of the same!!!!”

Apart from Tehseen many other celebrities expressed their thoughts on this encounter and stated that “Justice has been Served.”