“English medium schools not really important for succeeding”

In today’s world of advancement , many things comes and seen as a status symbol good which includes english medium schools also. English medium schools plays a key role in our society and career also but up to some extent. Its not only the ground on which one can succeed because if this is the only ground then many successful people who have studied in a very small hindi medium and still doing great in their life. so only the medium in which we have studied cannot be the only ground on which our success is measured.

But people mocked and taunted the people who have studied in hindi medium because of their pronunciation, accent, and spelling etc. In our country , why english is taken as a measure of intelligence . Can’t a hindi medium student is more intelligent and will do great in their life than the english medium student. Success only depends on the one’s hard work and determination . Many a times people shared their videos , post, stories etc of having insecurity of not speaking in english but those things doesn’t stop them in life. They worked on themselves and touch the sky with their consistent efforts.

Many great personalities are there who have did their school in vernacular languages like marathi, telugu , punjabi etc but still give cut throat competition in the market. By just studying in a english medium school does not guarantee that you will learn english but there are various medium present through which we can learn english efficiently like by joining english speaking course in a good institute, through youtube channels, mobile application as well as other online modes. Background doesn’t ensure you the success but your will does .So this discrimination on the basis of medium is totally biased.

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