Bollywood sensation Sunny Deol, currently riding high on the success of his latest hit, Gadar 2. However, the actor found himself in the spotlight for a different reason on Tuesday night. Videos circulating on social media captured the actor seemingly drunk, navigating the streets of Mumbai. The clip shows Sunny Deol losing his balance while walking in the Juhu area of Mumbai.

Sunny Deol Spotted Drunk

A netizen shared the viral footage showing Sunny Deol dressed casually in a white shirt and jeans. The actor displayed signs of instability as he walked down the middle of the road, sporting a playful grin. The actor then paused in front of an auto-rickshaw and exchanged smiles. He eventually received assistance from the driver to take a seat inside the vehicle.

The incident prompted speculation among fans, with many questioning whether Sunny Deol was genuinely under the influence or if the episode was part of a shoot for an upcoming film. The unexpected footage stirred reactions and curiosity about the circumstances surrounding the actor’s late-night stroll.

This unusual sighting of Sunny Deol has sparked discussions on social media, leaving fans intrigued and eager to uncover the context behind the viral video. The actor, known for his powerful on-screen presence, is now making headlines for this off-screen moment, adding a touch of mystery to his otherwise celebrated career.

Sunny Deol’s Journey

Bollywood icon Sunny Deol has achieved resounding success with his latest blockbuster, Gadar 2. The film’s triumphant reception is a testament to Deol’s enduring popularity and stellar acting prowess. Reviving the iconic character of Tara Singh, Deol’s impactful performance resonated with audiences, creating waves at the box office. Gadar 2’s success reaffirms Sunny Deol’s position as a powerhouse in the film industry, capturing hearts with his compelling portrayal. As fans celebrate the film’s triumph, Deol continues to make an indelible mark on Indian cinema, solidifying his legacy with each cinematic endeavour.