Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt held an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session where she praised her husband, Rinku Kapoor. What’s interesting is that Alia Bhatt’s statement came just after Rinku was brutally trolled on social media. Alia and Ranbir are one of the most adorable Bollywood couples. They have millions of fans, but there are a few who never miss an opportunity to troll them. For instance, when Alia said that Ranbir asked her to ‘put off her lipstick’, the netizens started trolling her. They called her a ‘toxic husband’ and called her ‘toxic’. So, to save the day, Alia praised Ranbir.

Alia Bhatt called Ranbir her ‘Happy place’ and how he is her ‘favourite photographer’

Alia held an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Instagram on 16 August 2023 where she answered all the questions posed by her fans. One of the users asked Alia if she clicked the display picture on her Instagram account. Alia responded with a big ‘YES’ and posted another picture of herself where she clicked another happy picture with the caption, ‘Ranbir Kapoor clicked this happy picture with me.’:”Yes, even this one. He’s my most favourite photographer ever.”

One of the users asked Alia what she liked the most about Rinku Kapoor. She said that Ranbir was her “happy place” and that she could be herself with him. “He’s my happy place cause I can be my truest most authentic self with him.”

When Alia Bhatt revealed Ranbir Kapoor asks her to wipe off her lipstick whenever they go out

Recently, we came across Alia’s Vogue interview where she opened up about her makeup routine. In one of the segments, Alia talked about how she applies her lipstick in her usual way and wipes it off after applying it. Talking about this, Alia said, “Ranbir Kapoor often asked me to wipe off his lipstick because he likes the natural colour of my lips.”

“I thought, that was just something that I worked out for myself, and then, I rub it off. Because one thing my husband, when he wasn’t my husband when he was my boyfriend as well, says when we used to go out at night, he used to say ‘Wipe that [lipstick] off. Wipe that off’. Because he loves the natural colour of my lip.

Netizens soon began to voice their opinions on Reddit, with one user writing, “My point exactly. There is a gulf of difference between saying ‘you look pretty even without makeup’ and ‘wipe that off.. wipe that off’. Shows the relationship dynamics in a very telling way”. Another one commented, “Alia should have reply “Take your Wig Off”, i like your natural hair.”