In a stunning turn of events, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, known as Bennifer 2.0, are reportedly heading for a split just two years after their glamorous Las Vegas wedding. Speculations about their separation have intensified as the couple hasn’t been seen together for over a month. Sources now suggest that their marriage is over, and the fallout might be far from amicable.

Recent reports show Lopez is seeking a significant portion of Affleck’s $150 million fortune in the divorce settlement, despite her estimated net worth of $400 million. Some perceive This move as retaliation, given that Lopez allegedly shouldered more of the financial burdens during their brief marriage.

The couple is currently living separately, with their shared mansion in Beverly Hills back on the market. Affleck, starring in “The Accountant 2,” has rented a place in Brentwood, close to his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and their children. Lopez remains in her Los Angeles home with her children, Max and Emme.

A source from Radar Online revealed that Lopez wants “half of Ben’s nearly $150 million fortune,” citing her significant financial contributions during their time together. The insider described Affleck as a “huge cheapskate” who frequently complained about Lopez’s spending habits. To avoid his grumbling, Lopez reportedly covered most of their expenses, including private jets, hotels, meals, and even the $60 million mansion they bought together.

“Jennifer paid for much of their marital expenses and now feels he owes her,” the source claimed. “She’s adding up all those private jet bills she put on her credit card, the hotels and meals, clothes, coffee runs, and gas. The high cost of living was done on her dime.”

The rumoured split has prompted Lopez to reassess the situation. Her relatives had reportedly urged her to move on from Affleck, believing she shouldn’t invest in someone who seemed to give up on their marriage so easily.

While the true motivations behind the split remain unclear, it’s evident that the once-beloved couple is navigating a turbulent phase. Affleck has been spotted at his production house without his wedding ring, while Lopez spent the Fourth of July alone in the Hamptons, focusing on self-love and her work, as seen on her social media. As the story unfolds, fans can only watch and wonder how this high-profile breakup will resolve.