After Two Decades Of Romance, ‘Marry Me’ Actress, Jennifer Lopez Ties Knot With Ben Affleck: Pictures Inside!!!

#Bennifer got married on Saturday after 20 years of sizzling chemistry and romance. Jennifer has been married three times and got married to her long-time love, Ben in Las Vegas.

The two got connected for the first time in 2002 on the sets of ‘Gigli.’ Though the movie flopped because there was no chemistry between the two, the story was something else off-screen. J-Lo filed for divorce from Cris Judd, her second husband, and went public with Ben. The couple got engaged but called off the wedding due to “excessive media attention.” In 2004, the duo announced their official breakup. Lopez married Marc Anthony while Affleck moved on with Jennifer Garner.

In April 2022, after getting spotted together in 2021 and making appearances in public, Ben proposed to Jennifer and they got engaged for the second time after almost 20 years. Lopez revealed that the actor popped the question nearly two decades after their original split and that she was happy about how things took place. Reportedly, Affleck was spotted in a white SUV, supposedly visiting Lopez to propose to her. In a video message, Lopez showed off her huge, green diamond engagement ring, saying, “You’re perfect.” She also teased the “major announcement” with a video on Twitter on April 8. “So I have a really exciting and special story to share…” the singer told her followers.

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