“Disgusting” Alia Bhatt Condemns Brutal Treatment Of Dog In Viral Video, Calls For Severe Punishment

Alia Bhatt has taken a stand against the distressing viral video depicting a woman mistreating a pet dog. The video captures a female dog walker abusing and physically harming a beagle on the footpath in Bandra. The clip is now being circulated widely on the internet.

Celebrity Outcry: Asking For Action

The distressing footage prompted an outcry from celebrities. The list included names like Soha Ali Khan and Sophie Choudry. They took to their Instagram platforms to share the video and advocate for immediate action. They demanded strict steps against the perpetrator and accountability from authorities.

Sophie Choudry shared insights into the situation. She revealed her communication with the dog’s owners. The singer and actor expressed shock at the caretaker’s continued employment. Sophie also updated on the dog’s current welfare under Jehan Canine Centre’s care.

A Call for Accountability

Alia Bhatt, echoing the sentiments of many, shared Sophie’s post on her Instagram story, condemning the brutal treatment of the dog. She emphasized the need for stringent repercussions for individuals who direct their frustrations onto defenceless animals, labelling the behaviour as ‘disgusting.’

Expressing gratitude towards Sophie for raising awareness, Alia emphasized the importance of citizens taking immediate action by reporting such incidents to authorities, advocating for a stronger stance against animal cruelty.

Continued Advocacy: Alia Bhatt’s Consistent Stand

This isn’t the first time Alia Bhatt has spoken out against animal cruelty. Previously, in February 2024, she reacted to the Thane pet dog assault case, emphasizing her dismay at the disturbing incident. The incident involved CCTV footage capturing two veterinary clinic staff brutally beating a chow-chow pet dog, sparking widespread outrage and calls for justice from netizens.

Alia’s reposting of the news on her Instagram story reaffirmed her commitment to advocating for animal welfare and condemning acts of cruelty.

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