Chhavi Mittal Gets Trolled For Kissing Her Own Kids On Mouth, Netizens Called It Child Abuse; Actress Reacts

Chhavi Mittal is a popular TV actress who is quite active on social media. Her admirers and following are kept up to speed on her personal and professional pursuits. The actress has inspired many people in recent months after opening out about her breast cancer diagnosis. Nevertheless, Chhavi was recently targeted by trolls for kissing her children and was accused of child abuse.

On Wednesday, she sent a stern message to a social media user who accused Chhavi of “child abuse” and chastised her for kissing her children. She provided a copy of the user’s remark which stated, “Dislike for thumbnail image..we should not kiss our kids like that. This will be considered child abuse by me. Sorry.” Soon after, many supporters came out in support of Chhavi. In response to the event, the actor stated, “It’s unfathomable that some people would object to how a mother loves her children.”

The star also posted photographs of herself kissing her children and remarked on it. The actress stated that she is sharing more pictures of her kissing her children on the mouth as she doesn’t know how to set boundaries for her love for her kids. she further added that she teaches her kids to be unbashed when it comes to showing love and they also reciprocate.

Chhavi also mentioned that she only teaches her kids to shy away from hurting other people. And, especially the ones they love. she then asked her followers to tell about their love language for their kids as parents.

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