Change yourself change your life

Life is very easy to live but to fully understanding your purpose of life and living it to the fullest is very difficult. Things , people , our surrounding everything changes with the passage of time but the only thing which never changes and never leaves you is you only so make yourself a priority before making anyone else because when we change our inner self things start changing eventually which leads to better life condition. Before expecting anyone to change for you , you should change yourself. The only thing which are in our hand is only is you , you can make your inner self the way you want ,good or bad , the choice is yours.

We live in dynamic environment where we tend to grow and learn from everything so growth has invincible power. By changing the small changes in ourself we can change ourself :

-see yourself as a third person

see what habits of you are negative

-practice to change yoursself everyday

-set goals for yourself which should be realistic also

-surround yourself with the positive people

-don’t begrudge

-keep positive attitude in every situation

-have that tendency of taking risk

-accept your flaws no matter what and try to transform that

When we start transforming ourselves , miracles start happening which ultimately leads to the human revolution. Changing doesn’t mean we accept the wrong things or wrong treatment but it means we start understanding for is good or bad for us. Its like reinventing ourself .

No one is perfect in this world so accepting the other person the way they are, changing yourself and also praying for the change to god has an invincible power. It make a difference not only in our life but also the people around us. So change your attitude, your mentality , your perspective etc , your standard of living will start changing.


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