Drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated

Water is the most important element of our life which keeps us hydrated all day long. In this world of chaos, stress , having so much of work pressure , for generally not able to drink enough water  which leads to  dehydration as well other health problems . Drinking enough water is very important or having liquid in any form be it juice , sharbat etc is very important. “Health is wealth” when we care for our body , our body works rightly which ultimately increases our productivity and efficiency. Drinking less water can cause an overall fluid loss in the body. This fluid loss can lead to decrease in blood volume that puts excess pressure on the heart to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the organs , including the muscles.

drinking water benefits us in many ways:

-carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells

-flushing bacteria from your bladder

-helps us in digestion

-keep our blood pressure normal

-protect our tissues and organs

so in this way it do miracle for our body.

Health experts commonly recommend to drink  eight 8 ounce glasses ,which equals about 2 liters ,or half a gallon a day. By drinking water as the toxins are flush out , we also clear skin as well. Many a times , people go on a juice in order to flush out toxins from there body but by keeping a healthy balanced diet and drinking enough water , one can remove toxins from their body very easily.

So drink as much as water, keep water bottle with yourself and keep a check on your water intake. Carry a water bottle where ever you go, atleast of one litre. Not only in summers but keep yourself hydrated in winters , autumn in every season.

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