Rakhi Sawant who entered Bigg Boss season 14 as a challenger, had a quite awful journey inside the house. Now that Rakhi is out of the house, she has been spotted several times while going to the hospital to take care of her mother. Rakhi Sawant’s mother who was admitted to hospital after getting diagnosed with cancer is currently going through her chemo sessions. A lot of Rakhi’s friends and co-contestants of her reality show are paying their visit to the hospital. However, Rakhi Sawant is now upset because Rubina Dilaik and Aly Goni have not come to meet her mother yet as she wants to see them.

While interacting with the media, Rakhi said, “My mother is being admitted again to the hospital for her chemo. I will not tell you all who all are coming to see her. You guys will see it yourself. As saying all this doesn’t sound good”.

When she quizzed about Rubina Dilaik, the actress said, “Rubina ko maine baar baar bulaya but uska koi message nahi aa raha hai. I saw in one of the news that Rubina said we will help Rakhi in every way and all. But I want to tell her that I don’t need any help. Rubina mujhe koi help nahi chahiye. Meri maa hosh mein aane ke baad baar baar bas aapka hi naam le rahi hai. She is constantly asking about you and Aly as she is fond of you guys. Please take some time out of your busy schedule and come to see her or connect with her on video call. Mummy ka koi matlab nahi hai vo sirf aapko ek baar dekhna chahti hai she loves you.”

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