Breaking News: ‘Baby Doll’ Singer, Kanika Kapoor Tested Positive For Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has acted as one of the biggest pandemics that humans ever faced. As of March 20, the death toll because of Covid-19. Even in India, there have been around 195 cases. While many Hollywood stars and even the wife of Canada PM were in the grasp of the disease, there is a popular make from India as well that has been tested positive for coronavirus and it is none other than the popular singer of the song Kamli from Dhoom 3, Kanika Kapoor.

Yes, you read it right! According to the recent reports, Kanika returned from Lucknow a few days back and since she has been infected from the Covid-19. While it has confirmed how the singer got infected but there are reports that she has been staying under radar at a hotel in Lucknow and has kept the news from the outside world.

If reports are to believed, the singer has hosted a party at a 5-star hotel after returning back from Lucknow and came in contact with many people who were present at the venue and they might be infected as well. Kanika Kapoor is said to be undergoing treatment at a hospital in Lucknow and has been kept in an isolation ward there.

To back the entire rumour, is a report from a hospital in Lucknow, King George’s Medical University which showcases the singer’s name in the list of patients who tested positive. However, what has been grabbing eyeballs is the age that says ’28 years’ along with the gender that says ‘male’. Whether all this is nothing but a fake report or the doctors have been fabricating the details in order to keep the patient confidential remains unknown. Check out the viral report below:

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