Bigg Boss OTT: Divya Aggarwal Lashes Out At Karan Johar For Bashing Her, Says, “Tum Maante Ho Ki Tum Bollywood Ke Raja Ho”

After Zeeshan’s eviction from the house, Divya Aggarwal had a breakdown and said that she now feels vulnerable as everyone is targeting her. Amidst her breakdown, she also reacted to host Karan Johar’s allegations against her and questioned why she should not raise her voice when she is being accused of doing things that she hasn’t done. In the previous Weekend Ka Vaar episode Karan Johar had schooled Divya Aggarwal for bringing in his name during her stay. This time, while speaking with Akshara, Divya Aggarwal again mentioned his name and questioned the allegations that he made in the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Divya said due to KJo’s allegations she is suffering in the house.“Karan Johar ne mere bare me boli h aisi baatein jiski wajah se mujhe yaha pe suffer karna pad raha hai. Fir me kyu na chillaoon kyu na bolu, kaun kya bigad lega. I am an artist and I will continue to work, if not here then somewhere else,” Divya said.

Divya further said, “Tum maante ho ki tum Bollywood ke raja ho, to tumhare muh se nikla hua har shabd log sunte samajhte hain. Wo obviously tum jo bologe uspe bharosa karenge. To tum mere bare me aisa kaise bol sakte ho (You consider yourself as the kind of Bollywood, so you know the impact that your statements. How can you put allegations and make huge statements about me).” And now it will be interesting to see Karan Johar’s reaction to Divya Aggarwal’s statements in the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

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