Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra Feels Being ‘Harassed’ As Ankita Lokhande And Khanzaadi Criticize Her

In a heated exchange in the garden area, Ankita Lokhande doesn’t hold back as she discusses Mannara Chopra with fellow contestants Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel. The Pavitra Rishta actress labels Chopra as ‘untrustworthy’ and accuses her of speaking ill of everyone behind their backs. Ankita goes further, branding Mannara as ‘bin painde ka lota’ and questioning her ability to form genuine connections, repeatedly referring to her as ‘dumb.’

Mannara Reacts to Ankita’s Accusations

In response to Ankita’s scathing remarks, Mannara Chopra stands up, folds her hands, and bows in front of Ankita. She then walks away, expressing her discomfort with Ankita’s communication style. Ankita retorts, calling Mannara ‘weird’ and suggesting that she might be ‘mad.’

Meanwhile, Ankita Lokhande confronts Mannara about allegedly calling Khanzaadi ‘characterless.’ Ankita accuses Mannara of inciting negativity and warns Khanzaadi about Mannara’s behaviour. This leads to a confrontation between Khanzaadi and Mannara, with the rapper accusing Mannara of manipulating people for nominations.

After the verbal altercation, Mannara breaks down in tears and confides in Anurag Dobhal, expressing her desire to leave the house. Anurag provides emotional support to Mannara during this tough moment.

Munnawar’s heart-to-heart conversation with Manara

During the episode’s conclusion, Mannara shares her wish to celebrate Diwali with her family outside the Bigg Boss house. In a conversation with Munawar Faruqui, Mannara expresses her desire to leave the show. However, Munawar mentions the contractual obligations, stating that if she decides to leave, she will have to pay ₹2 crore as per the contract. Despite the serious conversation, the duo later engages in a light-hearted banter.


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The standup comedian also mentioned to Manara to that her fans will be disappointed to see her like that. At the end of the episode, the actress was convinced by Munnawar to stay and play the game.

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